With over two decades of experience practicing in the field of eminent domain, Deutsch, Levy & Engel is uniquely qualified to represent your interests in a condemnation proceeding. Whether you are the owner of property being acquired or are the condemning authority, our attorneys can advise you on the condemnation process, from the initial steps in negotiation to the final judgment order setting just compensation.

Assuring that Just Compensation is the Goal

Governmental entities need the ability to timely acquire private property to build infrastructure or advance projects that further renewal of their communities. Property owners are entitled to receive fair, equitable and just compensation when their land is acquired through the exercise of the power of eminent domain. Our attorneys are able to address these concerns and have counseled both condemning authorities and property owners to ensure that proper procedures are followed when property is taken through eminent domain. This includes confirming that the initial appraisal of the property and the interests sought, including any impact on the remainder property, are properly considered. Our clients rely on us for advice in pre-suit negotiations and strategy in proceeding with offers and counteroffers. Where negotiations are not successful, we have successfully represented parties on both sides of condemnation proceedings. We assist our clients in reaching the ultimate issue of what value will be placed on the property interests sought and satisfying a property owners’ right to just compensation. We work with a wide variety of experts familiar with valuation of property taken by eminent domain, including appraisers, engineers and land planners, to assemble a strong team to address the specific needs of your condemnation matter.

We can provide counsel for any property type, and during our many years of experience, we have handled cases involving industrial sites, shopping centers, professional office buildings, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, residential properties and many more.

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